“A fascinating 4th album, with countless hidden treasures. 18/20″
-Hifi Video Magazine (FR)

“If there’s one discovery to be made these times, this is the one”
-L’Union de Reims (FR)

“Grand Pianoramax continues its balancing act, increasing the concentric circles of its imagination into a staging of loops. Hovering”.
-Jazz News Magazine (FR)

“Between psychedelic jubilations, electronic and acoustic sounds accents, sharp rhythms and dark poetry, Grand Pianoramax plunges us into its world of contrasts in chiaroscuro”
-Nouvelle Vague (FR)

“A cinematic journey from the first notes on”
-Night Groove blog (FR)

“An inspired trio”
-Radio Nova (FR)

“Very elegant convoluted deconstructions”
-Le Nouvel Observateur (FR)

“Torn between dramatic spoken word and fragile singing, Black Cracker’s dark poetry blends beautifully in the moving and rough-hewn soundscape provided by Leo Tardin and Dom Burkhalter. An album to discover without delay!”
-ENA newspaper (FR)

“Sometimes psychedelic, often poetic and magical”
-Le Matin (CH)

“Sounding like a night bus trip through the illuminated concrete canyons of a world capital, after the rain just stopped.”
-20 Minuten (CH)

“Music can open new horizons, give pleasure and make us forget the everyday life. It is rarely successful, but Grand Pianoramax manages just this: in their new album “Till There’s Nothing Left”, influences from jazz, classical, electro pop and rap merge into a rare hypnotic musical experience.”
-Kulturplatz TV Broadcast (CH)

“a consummate work performed by heavyweights in their field. Honed down talent and acumen has produced an act that can adeptly bend styles and cook up a rhythmic frenzy on only three burners. In the case of Grand Pianoramax, less is definitely more.”
-Swissvibe (CH) blog review of concert at Onze+ Festival



Re-imagining countless seemingly disparate genres into a post-modern bouillabaisse that is challenging, exciting and perhaps most importantly, always listenable.
–My Old Kentucky Blog (USA)

It’s all very carnivalesque when thrown together in the Pianoramax cauldron, and one can’t help but think that this hodgepodge is the future of awesome music.
–MTV Iggy Blog (USA)

The kind of crystalline beauty you might find in a pile of shattered glass under an archaically humming arc streetlight at night.
–Gapplegate Blog (USA)

Mixing sparse and spiky grooves, spaced out piano and ambient soundscapes with rap and spoken word, Grand Pianoramax retains an edgy improvised side to their brainy beats.
–Time Out London (UK)

A joyful slaying of common listening habits.
–JazzThing (DE)

An euphoric and idiosyncratic combination of styles and elements.
–Journal Frankfurt (DE)

A fat and powerful sonic ride keeping both the head and legs equally busy.
–Mannheimer Morgen (DE)

So pleasantly different from what one usually gets to hear today.
–Raveline (DE)

Smooth Danger will send a shiver down your spine, both because of its eerie, spooky atmosphere and because of the pleasure it will provide.
–Tribune de Genève (CH)

Reminiscent of a Silver Apples that would have been born after the advent of hip-hop.
–Vibrations (CH)

The pianist Leo Tardin plays like others juggle with live hand grenades. Since everything can blow up at any time, we might as well have fun with it!
–Radio Suisse Romande blog (CH)

Anxiogenic ambiances, electro influences, M.I.A.-like sliced pop and phuture funk are fueling this spaceship navigated by Leo Tardin and Dom Burkhalter, assisted by spoken words heavy-weights Black Cracker, Mike Ladd and the deviant tabla of Karsh Kale.
–24 Heures (CH)

With its opener “Infidel”, Smooth Danger establishes right away a cinematic ambiance, as if thrown into a car chase à la Henri Verneuil.
–Progressia (FR)

Commands surprise, interest and respect. Behind deliberately light themes and cheap synth sounds, one will appreciate the depth of the writing and textures, led by a dark vision.
–Jazz Magazine (FR)



Absolutely brilliant and essential for all discerning future music lovers.

Big keys, nasty words.
–Downbeat (USA)

The Biggest Piano in Town displays Tardin’s ability to send free-form jazz, future funk, art rock and hip-hop into exhilarating free fall.
–Metro London (UK)

It would be a real shame if Grand Pianoramax wasn’t playing to capacity audiences at somewhere like the Queen’s Hall next time. They certainly deserve it.
–Edinburgh Evening News (UK)

“Showdown” is this trio’s defining piece of music. Leo Tardin is something of a mad professor turned caped crusader of keyboard wizardry, while Mike Ladd details the war between love and sex in a climaxing polemic. Adding the urgent bump pulse is Dom Burkhalter. Tardin takes some serious training as the bedrock of his style, but, influenced my minimalism’s overlaying repeat patterns, the greasiness of funk and the mechanistic beats of 21st-century dance music, achieves a dance-trance state.
–The Birmingham Post (UK)

Grand Pianoramax, developed from Leo Tardin’s old school synthesizers and the vocal stylings of Mike Ladd is a broad, rhythmic delirium.
–Expresso (PT)

The Biggest Piano In Town? Certainly the most innovative.
–Tribune de Genève (CH)

Grand Pianoramax is one if the most captivating musical experience to emerge on the scene since years.
–Le Temps (CH)

Resolutely modern and urban. Greatly imaginative.
–Jazz Magazine (FR)



Intensely Kinetic.
–Billboard Magazine (USA)

Delivers a slam dunk fresh in-the-pocket groove.
–Flavorpill (USA)

Confident, carefree, delicate and elegant.

Skillfully executed compositions and innovative fusion.

Inspired and inspiring music.
–De:bug (DE)

A felicitous debut!
–Level 47 (DE)

Deep water Minimoog oscillations balanced by sharp, dry drumming patterns and crisp piano cascades.
–Vibrations (CH)